E-Z Self Storage Companies are members of the Texas Self Storage Association, Inc.

We use the T.S.S.A., Inc. Rental Agreement© for all rental of self-service storage. Our contract is a "month to month" type of agreement. Your holding over and keeping possession of a storage unit renews the contract for a subsequent month. We encourage you to READ YOUR CONTRACT so you understand what is expected of you.

Rental may be paid by cash (US funds), check, money order or major credit card. Automatic credit card billing payment is also available. A convenience fee may apply. Auto-Bill forms are available by contacting the office. 

A Reminder Notice is emailed on the 20th of the month preceding when rental is due to your email address of record. There is no charge for emailed notices. If requested, a Reminder Notice of rental due can by mailed to you at your address of record in your contract. A service fee of $1.00 is charged to your account for this service.

Rental is due on the FIRST DAY of the month and PAST DUE on the 10th. 

Rental is due on the 1st day of the month regardless if you receive any type of notice. You may always pay in advance for any number of months. Unconsumed rental is refunded upon vacating provided we have received a written notice from you that you are moving out.

Any client not current by the 6th day of the month is "locked out" of the facility until the account is made current by paying any fees or charges due.

A late fee of $5.00 is charged on morning of the 11th. A $8.00 late fee may be charged on the 25th of the month if no rent/late fee payment has been made. After 30 days past due, LIQUIDATION process begins and your property shall be sold to the highest bidder at the public sale.

Texas Property Code Chapter 59.00 governs our liquidation processes.  Please refer to your contract for timing and notices in a liquidation.

See your contract for fees and charges to an account that has gone into liquidation. If it is worth storing, its worth keeping your account current. We are NOT a disposal site.

We have a one month minimum of rental. Any rental paid in advance over the minimum is considered pre-paid rent. UN-used rental is refunded to you upon your move out, provided you have given us a written "Move-Out Notice" at least ten (10) days prior to your departure. A Move-Out notice form is included in your rental packet or can be downloaded from the FORMS section of this Web site..

Items you can not store in a self-service storage such at tires, batteries, fuels or perishables, among other items, are in the contract. Remember, bring your own lock or we have locks for sale in our office.